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This page features a list ranging from user-created guides to tips given by the community in the Renegade X forums.

Note: The guides listed here are focused on Renegade X's gameplay. SDK guides can be found here.

Guides and Tips

A sophisticated guide that explains in detail the gameplay of Renegade X, from individual assessment of infantry and vehicles to lessons of psychological warfare. While some sections of the guide are outdated due to being written upon the Beta 4 Version of the game, other sections can be still or universally applied for every version of Renegade X.

A more simplistic and up-to-date guide that explains strategies in Renegade X. Recommended to read after the player has picked up the basic gameplay.

Basic guide teaching how to set up Proximity C4 properly in order to deny enemy infiltrators access to the team's buildings.

A handy guide teaching how to win matches in Renegade X by oneself.


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