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Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Role Infantry production
Health 4800
Internal name Rx_Building_Barracks
Jargon Bar, Barr

The Barracks is the infantry production building of the Global Defense Initiative.


The Barracks is a one-story structure with only one side to enter and exit, two doors, both on the front, defended by sandbags and razor wire.

The interior consists of a set of rows of bunk beds and footlockers and purchase terminals along the inside walls. The Master Control Terminal is located through two doors in the back of the structure, on the center wall.

Its' Flying version added a pair of parallel ramps on left and right side, leading from the front and back, up to the rooftop in an A-shape. Infantry can get under the ramps as well, a frequent place to hide.


The Barracks is the infantry production structure for the Global Defense Initiative. It is tied to infantry acquisition, and if it is destroyed, GDI will lose the ability to purchase their most advanced infantry, while less advanced infantry such as Officer, Rocket Soldier, and McFarland require an increased credit cost.

The loss of the Barracks, means no further Hotwires can be obtained, reducing repair rates and limiting abilities to place Proximity C4.



The front doors are the only entrance to the Barracks. Shelling into the doors or blocking the sandbag opening with your vehicle, can delay repairs and damage those attacking from the front. Take care not to hit the doors themselves, or the purchase terminals, as no damage will be done to the building itself. However, no doors in the back mean you may be able to park behind and attack it while fewer enemies notice you.

In Flying maps, it is possible to jump over the sandbags using the ramps. This is also possible without the ramps, as a few maps have some hilly terrain nearby the sandbags to assist in jumping over the sandbags. It should be noted that the doors might be defended with Proximity C4, though new players might be unfamiliar with this tactic and mine the sandbag opening instead.

After the building is destroyed, effort should be made to kill any remaining Hotwires, and any advanced infantry in general. The Infantry Barracks is also considered the least important of the two production structures, compared to the Weapons Factory. However, the loss of the Infantry Barracks might open infiltration for Nod Infantry, in absence of Proximity C4 and any unit capable of quickly diffusing.


On maps with Advanced Base Defenses (Ob/AdvGT), it's always suggested to use one or more Proximity C4 mines on the doorway closest to the blind-side sandbags, as on rare occasions a skilled player with infantry can manage to jump the sandbag barricade fast enough to get inside the structure without being killed, on maps such as Under for example.

Only mine the sandbag choke-point, if you are certain nothing allows for infantry to hop over the sandbags - otherwise mine the two doorway entrances. Even then, mining the doorways may still be more effective depending on the situation.

As a defending player, note that if an enemy vehicle for example is blocking the sandbag opening, be aware whether it is possible to jump the sandbags in order to gain access, as you too can use it to enter the structure to carry out repairs or re-supply on character health, ammo and armor.


  • It is possible to drive a ground vehicle onto the roof through the flying version's ramps. It is not advised to do so without first consulting a server's rules.
  • The Barracks is often referred to as the ’bar’.

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