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Renegade X features a variety of unique and different game modes for both skirmish and multiplayer.

Command & Conquer

The primary game mode is Command & Conquer mode, where the only objective is to destroy the enemy faction's base. Every base consists of a certain set of buildings which varies base on map. For example, a base may contain structures that provide advanced infantry and vehicles, but may not have advanced base defenses.

Nod vs. Nod

Nod vs. Nod or Nod vs. Black Hand is a variant of the Command & Conquer mode where both teams are the Brotherhood of Nod. The mode adds the Recon Bike and the M2 Bradley as additional vehicles. The mode was originally a community-made mod, before being added as an official game mode in Patch 5.461.

Defense Survival

Defense Survival is a co-operative mode where players are pitted against escalating waves of enemies. The mode was added in Patch 5.41 with Dark Night currently being the only available map.

Team Deathmatch

The objective of Team Deathmatch is to either score a certain number of kills or score the most kills before the time limit. There are no buildings nor vehicles, however players will usually find plenty of pickups scattered around the map instead.

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