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Pickups are objects that players may acquire by moving on top of them as Infantry. One of the most common pickup object found in Command & Conquer matches is the Mystery Crate, a crate that yield a variety of bonuses (or penalties) to the player who acquired it.

Still, certain custom maps might feature Weapons as pickups; these are found floating in circles above a yellow lit panel. The player can acquire a copy of that weapon by going on top of it. The weapon will reappear on the same spot after a certain period of time has passed, and it will be ready to be picked up again. Note that if the player gets killed, they will lose the weapon that they picked up.

Lastly, armor, health and ammunition pickups may be found either littered on the ground in Sniper-based or generic deathmatches, notably due to the lack of Purchase Terminals; Those pickups will float and spin above the ground and reappear after a set period of time has passed, like the former. In Command & Conquer matches, they will spawn on the body of an slain enemy infantry; the type of pickup itself is randomized.

The player who picks up body armor will recover some of their armor value, and the player who picks up health packs will recover some of their health value.

There are several types of body armors and health packs - more advanced characters will drop more powerful armor and health pickups:


  • The one appearing as a leather jacket restores 25 points of armor;
  • The one with metal plating restores 50 points of armor;
  • The one with metal plating and additional shoulder-plating restores 100 points of armor.


  • Box health packs restore 25 points of health;
  • Cylinder or can health packs restore 50 points of health;
  • Large health packs with a handle restore all 100 points of health.

The player who picks up ammunition packs will resupply a single clip worth of ammunition for all their weapon magazines. The ammunition packs appear as green metal boxes floating and spinning in place.