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Renegade X offers plenty of battlefields for both the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod to fight each other, and no two levels will be the same. Some might have different buildings, some might have defensive buildings, some might allow aerial vehicles, some will have tech buildings, and some might even have gameplay modes different from Command & Conquer.

While some of the levels are remakes from Command & Conquer: Renegade, others are original, developed by aspirant level designers.

Every level has specific vehicle and mine limits.

List of maps

Map image Map name Map type Internal name Added Creator(s) Setting
RenX Map Arctic Stronghold.png Arctic Stronghold Command & Conquer CNC-ArcticStronghold Patch 5.21 Ruud033, Schmitzenbergh Snow
RenX Map Canyon.png Canyon Command & Conquer CNC-Canyon Open Beta 4 kenz3001 Desert
RenX Map Caves.png Caves Team Deathmatch TDM-Caves - Henk -
RenX Map Cliff Side.png Cliff Side Command & Conquer CNC-CliffSide Patch 5.31 Redline, Luhrian Woodland
RenX Map Complex.png Complex Command & Conquer CNC-Complex Open Beta 4 HappyConscript Snow
RenX Map Crash Site.png Crash Site Command & Conquer CNC-CrashSite Patch 5.15 Ruud033 -
RenX Map Dark Night.png Dark Night Defense Survival DEF-DarkNight Patch 5.41 Handepsilon Woodland
RenX Map Daybreak.png Daybreak Command & Conquer CNC-Daybreak - HappyConscript Woodland
RenX Map Deck.png Deck Team Deathmatch TDM-Deck - Unreal Tournament 3 Team Industrial
RenX Map Desolation.png Desolation Command & Conquer CNC-Desolation - Nexus51325 Wasteland
RenX Map Eyes.png Eyes Command & Conquer CNC-Eyes Patch 5.003 DaKuja Desert
RenX Map Field.png Field Command & Conquer CNC-Field 0.35 Beta (UT3) Havoc89 Woodland
RenX Map Field X.png Field X Command & Conquer CNC-Field-X - Havoc89, Ruud033 Woodland
RenX Map Forest.png Forest Command & Conquer CNC-Forest Patch 5.462 Luhrian Woodland
RenX Map Fort.png Fort Command & Conquer CNC-Fort - nBab Woodland
RenX Map Goldrush.png Goldrush Command & Conquer CNC-GoldRush Open Beta 1 Nielsen Woodland
RenX Map Hourglass.png Hourglass Command & Conquer CNC-Hourglass Patch 5.361 TheDeadlyWolf -
RenX Map Islands.png Islands Command & Conquer CNC-Islands 0.35 Beta (UT3) ZixXer, HappyConscript Tropical
RenX Map Islands X.png Islands X Command & Conquer CNC-Islands-X Patch 5.462 Fffreak9999 Tropical
RenX Map Lake Side.png Lake Side Command & Conquer CNC-LakeSide Open Beta 1 ZixXer Woodland
RenX Map Mesa.png Mesa Command & Conquer CNC-Mesa Open Beta 1 Nielsen -
RenX Map Oasis.png Oasis Command & Conquer CNC-Oasis Patch 5.380 TK0104 Desert
RenX Map Outposts.png Outposts Command & Conquer CNC-Outposts Patch 5.31 TK0104 Desert
RenX Map Reservoir.png Reservoir Command & Conquer CNC-Reservoir Patch 5.281 Henk Woodland
RenX Map Snow.png Snow Command & Conquer CNC-Snow Patch 5.15 Henk Snow
RenX Map Snow.png Snow X Command & Conquer CNC-Snow-X Patch 5.361 Henk Snow
RenX Map Steppe.png Steppe Command & Conquer CNC-Steppe Patch 5.41 Nexus51325 Desert
RenX Map Storm.png Storm Command & Conquer CNC-Storm - Ruud033, Schmitzenbergh -
RenX Map Tomb.png Tomb Command & Conquer CNC-Tomb Patch 5.15 TK0104 Desert
RenX Map Toxicity.png Toxicity Command & Conquer CNC-Toxicity Patch 5.361 Madkill40 Wasteland
RenX Map Tunnels.png Tunnels Command & Conquer CNC-Tunnels - Henk -
RenX Map Under.png Under Command & Conquer CNC-Under Open Beta 4 Nielsen Snow
RenX Map Uphill.png Uphill Command & Conquer CNC-Uphill - TK0104 Woodland
RenX Map Volcano.png Volcano Command & Conquer CNC-Volcano Open Beta 3 kenz3001 -
RenX Map Walls.png Walls Command & Conquer CNC-Walls Open Beta 1 Havoc89, JeepRubi Desert
RenX Map Whiteout.png Whiteout Command & Conquer CNC-Whiteout Open Beta 1 HappyConscript Snow
RenX Map XMountain.png XMountain Command & Conquer CNC-XMountain Open Beta 3 kenz3001 Woodland

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