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Ground Vehicle
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Armored transport
Health 600 (Recruit)
650 (Veteran)
700 (Elite)
750 (Heroic)
Armor type Heavy
Seats 5
Cost $500
M134 Minigun
Projectile type Bullet rounds
Projectile speed 9000
Range 7000
Rate of fire 0.08
Internal name Rx_Vehicle_APC_GDI

The Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is the main transport vehicle for both the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.



GDI APCs are gold-colored, trapezoid-shaped carriers with standard treads. It has a backdoor entrance along with a manhole that allow access to the transport. It is also armed with a minigun mounted on the top.


Nod APCs are colored with hues of red and black, are trapezoid-shaped, and move on wheels. It has a backdoor entrance along with four manholes that allow access to the transport. It is also armed with a minigun mounted on the top.

Damage table

Base Damage Headshot Multiplier Kevlar Armor Multiplier Flak Armor Multiplier Lazarus Armor Multiplier Heavy Armor Multiplier Light Armor Multiplier Aerial Armor Multiplier Building Multiplier MCT Multiplier
14 x2 x0.7 x1.3 x1 x0.075 x0.2 x0.33 x0.1 x0.4

Full damage will be inflicted only if the target body is struck completely by the bullet.

Higher Veterancy ranks will increase the base damage by a specified multiplier.


Both the main weapon and the tank itself get bonuses with veteran levels, some bonuses are applied differently per faction, or just to one faction vehicle:

Sprint speed


Sprint speed


Traverse speed




Magazine size


Reload speed


Reload speed


Veteran +7.5% 0 0 +10% 100 +5% +5%
Elite +15% +5% +5% +25% 125 +10% +15%
Heroic +22.5% +15% +15% +50% 150 +15% +25%
  • Sprint Speed: tank movement while sprinting, does not improve base movement speed. GDI base speed is 600, Nod is 750-
  • Traverse speed: how fast the tank can turn while sprinting.
  • Reload speed: time to reload the gun, base reload time at Recruit is 3s.


The APC is mainly used for transport, carrying up to four more players besides the driver. It possesses heavy armor, plenty of health to sustain punishment, and it faster than tank vehicles.

APC may also be employed as patrols or support for tanks, possessing a minigun capable of shredding infantry and light armored vehicles.



The APC is usually used to rush into the enemy base, both in early game and late game. They can also be used to mow down infantry and light vehicles.

A early game APC rush is done prior to the opponent placing Proximity C4 to protect their buildings; this can be usually accomplished if a player gets Credits from a Mystery Crate, which coupled with their starting credits, allows them to purchase an APC right away. After the vehicle is ready, 5 Engineers will hop into the APC, drive towards an enemy building, evacuate the carrier to rush into the doors, towards the Master Control Terminal, and throw both Remote C4 and Timed C4 to blow up the building. The opponent faction will receive the APC used to rush but they will most probably lose the building.

Late game APC rushes are made up by a group of APCs, carrying either Hotwire/Technician, or advanced infantry such as Mobius/Mendoza. They will all rush into the enemy base simultaneously, passengers will evacuate to deploy Superweapon Beacons near a building, while APC drivers and other passengers will attempt to cover them.

If APCs are carrying lots of engineer infantries, they will evacuate and either throw C4 on the buildings' exteriors, or rush into the doors, where one player will sacrifice themselves to clear the Proximity C4, allowing others to fill the MCT with C4. Sometimes a passenger will possess an infantry with EMP Grenade to clear the mines, although it takes more time than clearing them by jumping in.

An APC is not limited for transporting: it can double as a patrol, sweeping the base with its minigun to search any Stealth Black Hand around, and keeping other infantry away, or it can shoot down aerial vehicles quite effectively. Lastly, an APC can support tanks by killing any infantry harassing them.


The APC poses a threat to infantries: while not fast as a Humvee or a Buggy, it is still capable to ram you over, and its minigun will make short work of you. Because of its heavy armor, bullet and sniping weaponry will not be able to properly damage an APC, only anti-tank infantry will do reasonable damage to it; however, most infantries of that type wear flak armor, therefore taking more damage from the APC's minigun. An exception would be Mobius, who wears Kelvar armor and his Volt Automatic Rifle is able to considerably damage an APC.

Since APCs have no Area of Effect/splash damage, try to find some cover in a place they cannot drive to avoid minigun fire.

To counter an APC rush, the golden rule is to be prepared to face it: try to spot the rush and message back to your team, telling them to be ready; have at least one or two players protect each building. Keep a close eye on the rushing APCs, they will usually target your rear buildings, while shooting at another building to distract your team. It is also advisable to lay Anti Tank Mines at chokepoints to weaken incoming APCs. Should the map only have one main vehicle entrance to the base, such as Walls, consider blocking the path; a couple of Mammoth Tanks would be the best choice, but any heavy armored vehicle is a viable option.


  • Some players will occasionally stand and form a group on top of APCs, allowing them to fire but leaving them unprotected. This may or may not be frowned upon, since APC are intended to be fast transports. Always consult the server's rules if you are unsure if such tactic is allowed.

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