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The Renegade X Software Development Kit (SDK) is a publicly and freely available set of tools and resources to enable the creation of custom content, such as custom levels, mutators, game modes, and more.


Renegade X Software Development Kit was first released with (but separated from) Beta 4 build of Renegade X. The program is actually the open-source Unreal Development Kit (UDK) created by Epic Games Inc., with Renegade X's asset and trimmed from certain unrelated assets that originally came with UDK. The software works exactly like UDK with the same system requirements.

The software does not include the levels in the released game. However, users are able to copy the level file(s) from the game to the SDK directory, or outright open the level from the game's directory at their own risk. Users can also modify the game files using the SDK, however this will disallow them to play online due to package mismatch.


All of Renegade X's source code is available in the SDK, and is located in the "Development" directory in the SDK. All of Renegade X's game code is written in UnrealScript. In addition, a separately maintained copy of the source code is maintained at GitHub as well. The GitHub repository is located at [1].


All of Renegade X's assets are available in the SDK, such as vehicles, levels, infantry classes, meshes, sounds, and more. Users of the SDK can create any level, and are not limited in what they can create.


General UDK guides and tutorial are available at [2]

kenz3001's YouTube tutorial series for the SDK are available at [3]. More Renegade X related videos are also available on kenz3001's YouTube channel at [4].

Havoc89's YouTube tutorial series for rigging vehicles in the SDK are available at [5].

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