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Vehicles are one of the main tools of combat in Renegade X, for both factions.


Vehicles are purchased at any Purchase Terminal, and are delivered for collection at the faction's vehicle production structure, either the Airstrip as Nod, or Weapons Factory as GDI. As each faction has their own vehicle production structure, so too do they have their own unique vehicles.

The vehicle is locked to the owner for 30 seconds immediately after delivery, so no enemies or allies can take it. Once it has been collected or 30 seconds has passed, enemies and allies alike can take it once left vacant. A lock feature applies to the last purchased vehicle entered by a player, and only works on allies who steal your tank by forcing them out of the driver seat so you may reclaim your vehicle.

Another way to acquire vehicles is obtaining them from Mystery Crates, although the vehicles will lack the lock protection aforementioned and thus they are susceptible to be stolen by any enemy lurking nearby.

The Global Defense Initiative have a focus on vehicles, and their vehicles are considered to be more optimal and aggressive:

RenX VehicleIcon Humvee.png
RenX VehicleIcon APC GDI.png
RenX VehicleIcon MRLS.png
RenX VehicleIcon Medium Tank.png
Medium Tank
RenX VehicleIcon Mammoth.png
Mammoth Tank
RenX VehicleIcon Chinook.png
RenX VehicleIcon Orca.png
Orca Fighter
RenX VehicleIcon Hovercraft.png

The Brotherhood of Nod have a focus on infantry, but use vehicles that focus on specific roles and uses:

RenX VehicleIcon Buggy.png
RenX VehicleIcon APC Nod.png
RenX VehicleIcon Artillery.png
Mobile Artillery
RenX VehicleIcon Flame Tank.png
Flame Tank
RenX VehicleIcon Light Tank.png
Light Tank
RenX VehicleIcon Stealth Tank.png
Stealth Tank
RenX VehicleIcon Chinook.png
RenX VehicleIcon Apache.png
RenX VehicleIcon Recon Bike.png
Recon Bike
RenX VehicleIcon Light Tank.png
M2 Bradley

Tiberian Sun Vehicles

These vehicles are based on those found in the game Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. They are usually only obtainable through Mystery Crates; however, certain Levels might have Tech Buildings that allow the purchase of these vehicles.


RxTS VehicleIcon Wolverine.png
RxTS VehicleIcon Titan.png
RxTS VehicleIcon Hover MRLS.png
Hover MRLS


RxTS VehicleIcon Buggy.png
RxTS VehicleIcon Attack Cycle.png
Attack Cycle
RxTS VehicleIcon Tick Tank.png
Tick Tank

A.I. Mannered Vehicles

Vehicles that cannot be manually operated fall unto this category.



Other Vehicles


The main role of vehicles in combat is sustained occupation. They maintain sustained base presence to defend against enemies. They force their way out of their base when enemies hold the field and base entrance. When they have control of the enemy base entrance, they lay siege. When an enemy base has defense structures or defending enemy presence, tanks can soak the damage necessary to survive the defenses.


Tanks can shell structures safely from the field, doing acceptable damage to a building externally. APCs can suppress infantry attacks for the Tanks. When enemy repairs start to exceed the damage being done, tanks can choose to fire on another building, hoping to stretch repairs thin or get in some permanent damage to building health before repairmen can make the run back and forth between structures.

When the team accomplishes fielding every vehicle at their disposal right up at the enemy base entrance, a powerful way to take down a building is to have every vehicle commit to entering the enemy base. This way, a structure can be barricaded as it is attacked, limiting enemies from entering it for repairs. If the tanks are destroyed, they can easily be replaced with the credits earned from shelling it prior, and field control can usually be established easily again.

Repair Infantry (Engineer, Hotwire, Technician) are vital to tank assaults. To sustain presence in the field, they require repairs. To commit to a rush into the enemy base, they require repairs to at least last long enough to make it to the enemy structures. When buying a vehicle, choosing a class of infantry that can repair tanks is a good way to keep your own tanks repaired, as well as the tanks of allies once yours has been destroyed.

Alternatively, if you know you are going to be sacrificing your tank to raid the enemy base with, buying a powerful offensive infantry can be useful as a driver. When your tank is destroyed, you can continue to contribute to the assault by destroying enemy infantry, vehicles, structures, repairmen, or the Master Control Terminal from a doorway or from within a structure. An Officer or other class carrying a Smoke Grenade can be effective at reducing damage on your tank from the enemy base defenses, by throwing it before you drive in.

If you are able to drive up to an enemy structure, and fire through its' doorway, you can harass the repair infantry inside, as well as possibly hit the Master Control Terminal for bonus damage.

Don't be shy about having a random teammate borrow your vehicle while you repair it, if they are a non-repair class and weren't doing anything else anyway. Offer them the vehicle while you instead repair. Buy vehicles for teammates if you are planning a mass attack. However, make sure not to buy vehicles that won't be taken, as enemies can take them if left empty.

Use Switch First to Third Person View (F by default) to zoom in the screen, allowing for better targeting; but be aware that of possible infantry flanking your vehicle, especially if they attached Timed C4 on it, since you will not be able to check your surroundings when your screen is zoomed in.

GDI-Specific: Leaving vehicles empty is a great risk to having it stolen by cloaked Stealth Black Hand. Allow teammates to repair you, and if you must leave them, leave them further in your own base and preferably out in open sight of a base defense structure if available. This can also apply to Nod when not careful, but can be negated by not leaving a vehicle when an enemy can jump onto it from an overhead cliff, or approach from behind. Sniper fire can also pose risks when leaving a vehicle to repair. Please be aware of your surroundings before leaving a vehicle vacant, it is better off destroyed and replaced, than in the hands of the enemy.


Just as tanks can sustain fire on structures from the safety of the field, so too can tanks fire onto the field from the safety of their base.

However, once enough vehicles are gathered, an attempt to drive them all out onto the field at once should be made. This puts a lot more risk onto the enemy repair infantry, as they become point blank targets. Always shoot for enemy repair infantry, so enemy tanks become softer targets.

Some infantries serve as cheaper alternatives to damage enemy tanks. Rocket Soldier, Gunner, Laser Chaingunner, and to a lesser degree, even Patch and Stealth Black Hand can be options to do real damage to tanks. Classes that are designed to counter tanks also usually have Flak armor to survive tank shells and explosions easier, at the cost of weakness to gunfire.

Other infantries serve practical anti-tank purposes by instead killing the enemy repair infantry. Snipers can take shots from afar to kill repair infantry. Automatic Fire classes can flank tanks from behind and quickly sacrifice themselves to kill some repair infantry, as well as divide up the attention of enemy tanks. Stealth Black Hand can sneak up to repair infantry and gun them down, or to tanks to plant Timed C4.

If all else fails to remove an aggressive enemy vehicle presence from the field or your base, then it can be assumed that their field presence inversely affects their presence in their own base. A mass of infantry may be exactly what your team needs, to take down a building in absence of the majority of the enemy who left their base to focus on field offense. A Smoke Grenade can assist the group of infantry by preventing any existing base defenses from firing on them while they get to an enemy structure. This may also cause the invading vehicles pulling back to the base's aid, which also gives your own base the time it needs to recover and regroup.


  • The vehicles' exterior camouflage painting will change depending on the ambiance of the map.
  • It is possible to drive a ground vehicle on places they don't belong. It is not advised as most servers will ban you for doing this and this will usually end up getting your vehicle stuck.
  • It is possible to drive a ground vehicle on top of other vehicles. This is mildly frowned upon and may serve more in getting your piled vehicles destroyed faster due to splash damages.
    • Additionally, physics in Renegade X will slip your vehicles away from each others upon moving. This will not be the case of Mammoth Tank, but this will completely block the sight and cause the Mammoth Tank's movement be slowed down and prone to flipping upside down.
    • A low-height tank can drive under enemy vehicles, intentionally and unintentionally. This is frowned upon for its' one-sided factor.
  • It is also possible to stand on vehicles as infantry, as well as be intentionally pushed in front of them for a ride. This is less often frowned upon by servers, as long as it isn't used to climb terrain that is not intended to be climbed. Do note that if you're boarding a fast-moving vehicle a script that prevents client de-sync abuse will see you as de-synced and will start damaging you.
    • Standing on enemy vehicles may or may not damage/kill you for collision.
  • Wheeled vehicles are usually able to flip upside down and survive (and may be able to be readjusted by pressing E). Treaded vehicles such as tanks will take quick damage-over-time and blow up. Players are ejected out when the vehicle flipped upside down.
  • Wheeled vehicles (with the exception of the Mobile Artillery), when driven backwards downhill, will gain a boost of speed that lasts depending on the duration of the descent. This is considered a glitch and is it frowned upon, since players can exploit it to reach the enemy building in a blink, possibly leaving the opponents bewildered with no time to react.